Disrespecting The King: The Worst Things WCW Did To Ric Flair

09.30.15 4 years ago 24 Comments

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Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all-time. Easily. People still quote him and revere him. And that’s amazing, considering he spent most of the 1990s getting crapped on by WCW.

He was great in the NWA, but it seems that when the company changed to WCW, Flair lost his good faith with the company as they kept hiring people who had grudges against him. From 1990 or so to about 2001 (with a small break in between), Flair was getting treated like a jobber by the WCW higher-ups, despite the fact the fans always stayed in love with him.

Recently, Flair has been doing a lot of talking about his WCW days, so it’s time to look back at just how bad things were in WCW.

The Black Scorpion – Mention Al Perez to Ric Flair and he still loses his damn mind. So here’s the story: The Black Scorpion was a new arch-nemesis for golden boy Sting. There was a big mystery as to who the guy in the mask was, played out over months of programming. They even had a match where Sting would unmask Black Scorpion but Scorpion got away. However, at the last minute, Perez, the guy playing Black Scorpion, backed out. So the WCW braintrust (Ole Anderson) decided to put Ric Flair in the mask. Despite the fact that Ric Flair is the most distinguishable wrestler maybe ever… he was trotted out to be the new Black Scorpion and we were supposed to believe it was him the whole time. Literally from the moment Flair got on camera in that damn dumb mask, it was clear he was the Black Scorpion. No drama. In the end, Flair lost, with legend having it that he ran up a huge bar tab to get over the embarrassment.

Paul Roma – They really put Paul Roma in the Four Horsemen. Paul Roma is literally the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen. For the record: It’s Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Johnny B. Badd and Paul Roma as the worst trash wrestlers ever. And one of them was in the Four Horsemen. This video of Roma calling Ric Flair jealous is an all-timer.

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