Rick Steiner Once Fired A Gun At Sean Waltman Backstage, As A Joke

I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but the 1980s and 1990s were a pretty wild time in pro wrestling. The 1970s, too. The 1960s were no slouch, either. Look, my point is that wild stuff happens to pro wrestlers. Sometimes (maybe usually) because of other pro wrestlers. To wit: today we have a story about the time Rick Steiner played a goof on Sean Waltman back in WCW. By shooting him.

On the latest episode of Waltman’s AfterBuzz TV show, X-Pac 1-2-360, Waltman’s discussion of Scott Steiner coming back to Impact Wrestling quickly turned to one of the most amazing stories we’ve heard in a while.

At about 8:00 into the show, Waltman started defending Scott, and said he never had any problems with him, before casually mentioning that it was Rick Steiner who once shot him in the chest with a blank backstage at WCW. Please skip forward to that story in the below video, and marvel at the absolutely nonchalant and unimpressed way that Sean Waltman tells a story about someone firing a loaded gun at him in a locker room

“Don’t get hot at me for liking Scott Steiner. He’s always been really good to me. And It was his brother [Rick Steiner] that shot me in the chest with a … it was like a .45 or .357, with a blank in it. In the dressing room in Cobb County Civic Center in Georgia … Because the wad hit me in the chest and burned me and I thought he shot me. It scared the shizz out of me … Because he thought it would be funny. And he laughed and laughed … I’m pretty sure everyone else laughed, too.

“He just pointed it at me and, BOOM. There was no dramatic, like, ‘Don’t move!’ None of that. ‘This is a stickup!’ No it was just, POOM! It’s pretty funny now. It was pretty funny, like, not that long afterwards, too.”

The interplay and follow-up questions from his horrified co-hosts and producer are really what drive home how insane this story is, and how pro wrestlers from the 1990s think stuff like getting shot at by Rick Steiner is just a normal day at the office. Pro wrestling, everyone!