Ricochet Clarified His Status With Lucha Underground And When He’ll Be A Free Agent

If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college. And if it weren’t for Lucha Underground, Ricochet wouldn’t have spent those years in Lucha Underground. We’re very, very happy he spent that time in LU, of course. It led to a lot of good times and great memories. But we have known for a very, very long time that there is strong mutual interest between Ricochet and WWE. Ricochet doesn’t want to be relegated to 205 Live or anything, but he does want to wrestle on the biggest stage possible, and he has a whole bunch of friends who already work there.

Back in February, Ricochet said that he’s kind-of, sort-of a free agent, in the sense that his existing contract with Lucha Underground is up. However, things aren’t quite so simple, and for the time being, he’s not able to work for another company in North America. During the G1 Special New Japan shows in Long Beach, Ricochet didn’t appear on the live AXS TV first night for this specific reason, and showed up on the second night to run off the Young Bucks and take what seemed like a shot at Lucha Underground.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Ricochet clarified the whole situation: when he can actually work for other companies, what his current contract status with Lucha Underground is, and whether there is any bad blood at present.

“I don’t have any hard feelings against anyone at Lucha Underground. That was just me poking at them a little bit, you know? If I was really mad at them, I would have said something more meaningful than ‘pricks’. That’s not even that bad of an insult, it was just more me poking at them and ruffling some feathers … My contract finished last June. I’m on the no-compete for the rest of Lucha Underground’s season three, then I have 90 days after that. I can be on any TV as long as it’s not American TV. I can work indies, I can do iPPVs, most anything, really, just not on American TV. I’m not sure about a Season 4 with Lucha Underground. I’m busy until October, and I might take November off to heal up again. I really want to work on my diet and get myself in the best shape possible.”

So he has to wait for the current season of Lucha Underground to finish airing, and then has to wait 90 days for his no-compete to be over. That means he likely won’t appear in WWE — if at all — until 2018. Wait a minute: the Royal Rumble happens in 2018! Of course, despite the longstanding mutual interest, it’s entirely possible Ricochet won’t actually go to WWE when his no-compete is over. He might just pull a Kenny Omega and sign with New Japan instead. Or GFW!

Nah, it probably won’t be GFW.