Ricochet Delivered The World’s First Grounded Top-Rope Moonsault

Contributing Writer
02.16.17 14 Comments

The moonsault has been around for a long-ass time now. Top rope moonsaults have been a going concern for decades. Asai moonsaults, springboard moonsaults, the double moonsault, and even selfie moonsaults followed.

We’ve also all seen a standing moonsault at this point, and it’s been a major thing on the indies for like 20 years now, starting with Amazing Red and going all the way through to today’s BEEF MAN STANDING MOONSAULT as delivered by people like Willie Mack, Brian Cage, Apollo Crews and Jeff Cobb.

But have you ever seen a standing moonsault delivered off the top rope before? I submit to you that you have not. Luckily, our old friends Ricochet and Will Ospreay — now in match like one billion in their best-of-viral series — are here to make the most of a broken ring and deliver a truly death-defying maneuver.

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