RIP The ECW Zombie Tim Roberts, 1976-2015

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.07.15 9 Comments

The ECW Zombie has died. I swear that’s not a joke.

Various sources have reported that the Zombie, aka pro wrestler Tim Roberts, died today at the young age of 38. At the time of this posting, the cause of death is unknown.

Roberts trained with WWF legend Johnny Rodz and made his debut in 2001, competing primarily in Puerto Rico’s New Wrestling Stars and World Wrestling Council promotions. His brush with fame came in 2006, when he wrestled The Sandman on the first episode of WWE’s version of ECW on the SciFi Channel. The network wanted science fiction worked onto the program, so they made Roberts a zombie. He cut a promo as a zombie and everything.

38 is way, way too early for someone to die. Rest in peace, Zombie.

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