Impact Wrestling’s Robbie E Has Challenged Rob Gronkowski To A Match

Here are the facts:

1. Impact Wrestling star Robbie E is upset at New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for calling himself “Robbie G,” and is challenging him to a match on Impact to settle it. This may seem extreme at first, but wrestling fans have seen wrestlers feud over spilled coffee, shampoo commercials, piss-filled teapots and the legal right to use the letter “T,” so it’s not so bad.

2. Impact has a grand history of inviting celebrities into the ring, especially NFL stars. Remember when Pacman Jones showed up and couldn’t legally lay hands on anyone, but somehow still defeated Sting and Kurt Angle and won the tag-team championship? Maybe Gronk’s trying to get into the World Title Series.

3. Rob Gronkowski has a documented history of getting hype and/or staying that way with NXT’s Mojo Rawley. He’s been to NXT shows, hangs out with Mojo in real life and gets him to open his WWE-style promos. If Zack Ryder slips any further into the abyss, they could end up being formal tag-team partners. That doesn’t suggest an Impact appearance happening anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe Gronk can pull a Rick Rude (or a Tommaso Ciampa, to update the reference) and appear on both shows.

(Via TMZ Sports)