Rob Gronkowski Wants ‘One Crazy Match’ In WWE

WWE Network

When Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL back in March, the first question on a lot of people’s minds was, “how long until he becomes WWE Superstar Rob Gronkowski?” It was such an obvious career change that reporters were addressing it in pre-retirement stories. After all, Gronk is a die-hard WWE fan, a good friend of WWE’s Mojo Rawley, and helped Mojo defeat Jinder Mahal and win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the pre-show of WrestleMania 33.

In a web extra for CBS Boston, Gronk said the magic words for top-tier WWE glory these days: he doesn’t want to be a full-time wrestler, but wants to show up to have an important match at a big pay-per-view. Somewhere in Connecticut, Vince McMahon’s eyes turn into big dollar signs.

His actual comments are a little more non-committal, though, so watch the clip and read the transcript for yourself:

“With wrestling, I don’t feel like I would be a full-time wrestler. But there is one thing I’m down for, and that’s to do, like, one crazy match. Like, practice it for a little bit, and go in, like, during a Royal Rumble, and just go out there. I got my friend in WWE, practice it. Do a full-on WWE match. I’m not saying when. Maybe like, five years. I got the rest of my life to do that, but I’m saying I’ve always dreamed about doing that, just one time, going in there and just going full out. So, that may be a possibility, like one time down the road.”

Making a Royal Rumble appearance doesn’t constitute a, “full-on WWE match,” or something you’d need to practice a lot. Maybe a Royal Rumble appearance to set up a WrestleMania match? Rob Gronkowski drawing mirror cracks on his face in blue magic marker? We’ll keep you updated.