Rob Gronkowski Got Involved Again On WWE Smackdown

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04.11.17 2 Comments

For the second time in as many weeks, Rob Gronkowski got involved in a WWE match. First, he inserted himself into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. Then on Tuesday night, he got comeuppance, revenge, and retaliation against Jinder Mahal, who is apparently his lifelong WWE blood enemy.

During WrestleMania 33’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Gronk got a beer thrown in his face by baddie Jinder Mahal, and couldn’t resist getting in the ring to give Mahal a shoulder tackle. His actions helped his pro wrestler BFF Mojo Rawley become the fourth winner of The Dré, and apparently Mahal is still (understandably) holding a grudge.

On Twitter prior to Smackdown, Mahal revealed that he had moved to the blue brand in the Superstar Shake-Up, and challenged Rawley to a singles match.

We should have known something was afoot when we once again saw Gronk at ringside prior to the match.

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