CM Punk Is A Jerk To Flight Attendants & Other Important Notes From Chael Sonnen’s Podcast With RVD

Rob Van Dam was recently on Chael Sonnen’s “You’re Welcome!” podcast, and while they sadly didn’t talk about the different types of drugs they enjoy, there was some interesting stuff discussed. Here are some of the highlights:

– Rob Van Dam is going to be in a movie called Three-Headed Shark Attack, which will premier on SyFy channel during SHARKNADO week. I need to see this movie at least 57 times.

– Rob’s SICK FLIPZ were all self-taught and came from trying to impress girls at the public pool. He got to the point that he could “drop down into a split, bounce off my thighs into a handstand, walk on my hands to the end of the board and then do a flip into the water from there.”

– Rob’s surefire method to avoid detection at Comic-Con is to “stuff my ponytail underneath a skully.” I guess a pair of glasses would be overkill.

– Rob mentions he saw Chael’s first fight with Anderson Silva and, says Chael, “totally took it to Anderson Silva for the entire fight and then I think it went in his favor somehow at the end” as if a submission by triangle choke would leave the result murky and nebulous.

– Chael wants to know what Rob and “the rest of the boys in the back” think about CM Punk’s move into MMA. RVD says Punk will have to prove himself, but knows it’s not a publicity stunt. Rob also says Punk is “the most un-bending guy” he knows.

– Rob tells the story of a flight attendant telling Punk his bag will need to get moved from one overhead bin to another to make room for another passenger’s bag. Punk instantly questions the attendant, asking, “Why do you have to move my bag? I’m the one following the room, it’s this other guy’s bag that doesn’t fit.” It seems simple and a non-issue, so of course Punk turns it into a huge ordeal.

– Apparently Johnny Ace thought, “we never see an angry RVD, that’s where the money is,” so the plan was to get Rob riled up, have him pull his ponytail out, pull a strap down, and attack then-champ Chris Jericho. Everyone in the back tried to needle RVD to get him angry, and finally Jericho told him, “just go out there and act like I hit on Sonya,” Rob’s wife. That got Rob so angry he messed up part of his attack, and it’s still something that pisses him off. Good job, Chris.

– The show then ends with Chael and a 12-year old kid named Ladd rapping Joe C’s verse from the Kid Rock song “Devil Without a Cause” and I’ve never been more confused.

Shockingly, there weren’t any egregiously insane views from either Chael or RVD, though I think part of that was due to Rob stating he doesn’t really watch WWE anymore, so current wrestling chat was at a minimum. Still, at least I learned that CM Punk is a jerk to flight attendants.

(Via You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen)