The Rock Might Be Getting Naked For The Next Season Of ‘Ballers’

02.10.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

What you see above was posted to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s Instagram on Wednesday morning. Being that it was posted to The Rock’s Instagram, it’s somewhat surprising that it’s not a shot of him working out, but rather a piece of legal copy asking Johnson permission to show his naked body.

That’s right, it’s a nudity waiver — NOT a “nuidity waiver,” as the sticky note reads — for the HBO show Ballers, part of The Rock’s insane shooting schedule this year. Dwayne’s in high demand, and not just for his Johnson. He captioned the image, “We have an old Southern saying, ‘The gravy is always free, but you gotta pay for the pork chop.’ Wait, what?”

It’s a bit of a tortured analogy, but at least we can all agree on one thing — The Rock is totally referring to his penis as a pork chop. Honestly, we’ve heard far worse terms for male genitalia in our day.

Ballers, being an HBO show, had plenty of female nudity in the first season, so it should be a refreshing change of pace for those who’d like the raciness of the show to play both ways. After all, someone besides straight males has to be watching the show… right?

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