Roman Reigns Believes He’s Best In-Ring Performer In The World

12.05.17 2 years ago 22 Comments

Roman Reigns was the first guest on a new WWE Network show called “Straight to the Source,” hosted by Corey Graves. In a no-frills approach to the interview format, the two men were seated at the top of an empty arena just chatting about the wrestling business, likely several hours before Raw went live. It was a recent interview as well, because they referenced Survivor Series, which is only a few weeks old at this point.

The most interesting part of the show was when Reigns talked about his place in the wrestling business.

“You know, I’m the best performer in-ring in the world right now. You can go to my matches and my pay-per-views over the last three years and you can say I’m an idiot [for thinking that] or you can be like, ‘Man, he’s got a point.’ You know what I mean? I didn’t come here for any other reason.”

A bold statement for sure. I have no doubt that Reigns believes that about himself, but you can imagine a lot of people are going to take issue with that claim. Names like AJ Styles, Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada come to mind as the best in-ring performers right now, among others. Reigns is definitely an elite pro wrestler, and better than his haters think.

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