Mortal Enemies Braun Strowman And Roman Reigns Went Sightseeing Together In Italy

Monster among men and son of a legendary softballer Braun Strowman hates the ever-living guts out of Roman Reigns. Strowman has been demanding competition (and also possibly a yard), and has focused all of his incredible strength and fury on Reigns over the past month, injuring Roman severely via ambulance toss, and then beating him so bad at Payback that Reigns coughed up Ken Shamrock juice.

Even before an ambulance got turned over, Strowman-Reigns was already on its way to being a legendary feud. You can tell the bad blood is legitimate and real, but today we discovered that eternal rivalry can take a backseat to tourist attractions every once in awhile.

The Raw and Smackdown crews are overseas for a weeks-long European tour, and a group of Raw Superstars went out for a tour of the Roman Colosseum, because why wouldn’t you want to go check that bad boy out if you’ve got the time and you’re in the area? The unlikely stable of Titus O’Neil, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, and Matt Hardy somehow managed to convince arch-enemies Reigns and Strowman to tag along, as evidenced by this picture, which O’Neil tweeted and Instagrammed, and has since been pulled down. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for preserving this photo for posterity, because it’s a great photo.)

We may never know how the others managed to convince Reigns and Strowman to agree to a pleasant day of sightseeing together. Perhaps Reigns was just feeling magnanimous due to being in the city from which he derives his name. But given that this photo has been deleted, it’s possible that as the group was leaving the Colosseum, Reigns may have heard a familiar “I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU” and is now buried under an entire Colosseum’s worth of ancient rubble. I mean, unless we see him on Raw next week, we’re pretty much forced to assume that’s what happened.

Don’t go to landmarks with your enemies, people. It’s just not safe.