Roman Reigns And Cody Rhodes Are Now Feuding Over Who Is A Bigger Draw

In the 18 months since Cody Rhodes was released from WWE, the son of a son of a plumber has been on a tear on the independent circuit. Even though he didn’t actually sign an exclusive contract with Ring Of Honor until a few weeks ago, Cody still managed to win the ROH Heavyweight Championship back in June and has defended the strap 11 times, including this past Saturday night against Kushida at ROH’s Global Wars event in Columbus, Ohio. Following his successful title defense, Cody cut a promo in which he proclaimed he was the best thing that ever happened to Ring Of Honor — and even professional wrestling as a whole:

“I am the biggest damn draw in this entire industry. And if you’re someone who’s competing with me for that title, you know exactly who you are and I know exactly what you should do: Kiss the ring.”

Now, c’mon. We at With Spandex love Cody, but even we aren’t going to say he’s the biggest draw in pro wrestling. Hell, you could argue he isn’t even the biggest draw in Ring Of Honor. (That honor would very likely go to his Bullet Club stablemates the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.)

Still, the internet took Cody’s comments and ran with them — all the way to DA BIG DAWG himself, Roman Reigns, who hate him or really hate him, is definitely one of the biggest draws in the world:

Roman’s response? He pulled the classic “I didn’t read past the headline” move that so many of our aunts use while sharing questionable news stories on Facebook:

It could have (and should have) stopped here, but instead, Cody decided to use his platform on ROH’s Global Wars pay-per-view in Chicago last night to empty his clip into Roman’s flak jacket:

Roman has yet to respond to this diss, maybe because he’s too busy digging through his @s to find mouth-breathers and then deliver “burns” like this:

Brother, Gangrel has more fangs than that. Although Reigns has already made it clear he’s not a fan of the Young Bucks, so if this somehow results in a interpromotional match between the Shield and the Bullet Club, then we’re on board.