This Side-By-Side Comparison Of Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

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The reason for your heart breaking may vary. For me, it’s remembering a time when Daniel Bryan was ramping up for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship win and an eventual WrestleMania main-event. For you, it could be Roman Reigns winning the Survivor Series title tournament, or Sheamus showing up and getting Sheamus all over everything.

Anyway, this masterpiece from Reddit entitled, “I Liked This Movie Better When It Was Daniel Bryan,” places Roman Reigns’ title win and the subsequent Sheamus Money in the Bank cash-in side-by-side with Daniel Bryan’s win over John Cena at SummerSlam 2013 and subsequent Randy Orton cash-in. If you remember those moments, you know how perfectly they sync up. Both feature a lengthy celebration, both feature Triple H lurking, and both feature a handshake that’s gonna end badly whether you accept it or not. Randy Orton and Sheamus as cosmic wrestling soulmates who always wrestle each other and live out similar lives when they don’t is pretty fascinating. Also, this is a great experiment in observing WWE’s preferred camera angles. WWE really upped their confetti budget between 2013 and 2015.

Whether you liked the ending to Survivor Series or not, one thing is for certain: Some things are inevitable, and time is a flat circle.

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