Roman Reigns Has Finally Responded To The Epic Jeans Roast Of 2016

So that Roman Reigns struggle jeans situation really took off, didn’t it? Comedy Central’s @Midnight decided to have the cast of Veep crack jokes about the jeans (while also graciously featuring our post, so thanks!). So naturally it didn’t take long for Roman to respond in the most tone deaf way imaginable.

Okay…I guess? The whole “haha you’re talking about me so I win” thing is the most basic and least productive way to go about being clowned. They’re just jokes about your stupid jeans, bro. Be a good sport and go about your life. Also the whole “I wore those two years ago” thing doesn’t really help because two years ago was 2014. Human Clay came out in 1999, so that would put your jeans still outside of the appropriate year to be worn, purchased or exist.

The Usos didn’t quite help by going with, “You guys are weirdos for looking at jeans!”

Cool, you’re in the real world. Have fun. I’ll be here on the Internet letting these jokes flourish.

Guys. Guys. Just enjoy the memes. Raw ratings are at their lowest, so the mainstream look has to be good overall. Bask in it. And just be happy nobody has put a Jordan Cry Face on his head. However, if the city of Chicago does a “denim denim denim de-nim” version of his theme song at Payback, though, I’m throwing a parade.