In Case You Missed It, Roman Reigns Got Knocked Out By A Fan With A Money In The Bank Briefcase

A fan charged the ring at a house show in Victoria, British Columbia on Saturday night during the Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt main-event and hit the former Shield member in the head. The blow knocked Reigns unconscious briefly before he recovered and actually finished the match. Clearly, the guy who hit Reigns is a maniac who just wants to watch the world burn, and was rightfully treated to fisticuffs and tossed out, but this is a case where he should have just been left in the ring for a fair one with Reigns and Wyatt.

As far as Roman, he’s a tough guy for finishing the match after getting knocked unconscious, but it’s sort of weird that he got knocked out by a gimmick briefcase souvenir. I’m hoping that he hit Roman with a corner or something because that’s sort of embarrassing now that he’s fully recovered. I mean, if I ever get knocked out by something from the WWE Shop, just kill me and swear to keep it off of WorldStar.

No word yet on if the guy who hit Reigns had a Chihuahua dressed up as one of the Three Amigos on his lap as he rushed the ring.