Twitter Spent The Night Making Fun Of Roman Reigns’ Dad Jeans

Roman Reigns just can’t win. He had a rough WrestleMania main event, is getting booed out of arenas across the world and now there’s a pic of him in the worst jeans of all time. The picture is apparently old, but thanks to the Internet it’s resurfaced along with a slew of jokes. Seriously, guys, these are dad jeans that would put Michael Jordan to shame. They’re substitute teacher chic. They’re “I’m angry I have to pay a late fee for my Left Behind rental” denim. They’re…well, just look at the jokes.

Intermission: The denim jokes were so bad that nobody even mentioned the Team Jordans that accompanied them. Or the posture. It’s like his shoes are the Dean Ambrose of the group because they’re just as amazing, but the jeans are getting all the attention. Anyway, back to the roast.