You Best Believe Roman Reigns’ ‘WWE Immortals’ Look Is The Goofiest Yet

A couple days ago we showed you what John Cena, Sheamus, the Bellas and others would look like in the upcoming Mortal Kombat/WWE mashup, WWE Immortals. John Cena was wearing a Superman suit and Sheamus had Heidi braids on his face, but none of the previous “fantastically re-imagined” looks are even a fraction as dorky as Roman Reigns’ new get-up. Just look at this nonsense…

Yup, they literally dressed Roman Reigns up as a Roman centurion. One carrying what appears to be an old wooden door as a shield. Also, what’s that hanging off his face? I know Roman is supposed to be the strongest, manliest man on the planet, but I don’t think he literally needs to have a second dong on his chin.

Hmmm, who wants to bet WWE actually considered putting Roman in an outfit like this when the Shield first broke up? Hey, they almost put Adrian Neville in a Might Mouse costume. Thankfully they didn’t – Reigns has enough to deal with without JBL screaming about how he couldn’t carry Farooq’s bags.

Oh, while we’re at it, Triple H is also going to be in the game…

Dude, we all liked He-Man back in the 80s, but get the f*ck over it.