Roman Reigns Is Reportedly Cleared To Return To Action And Has Plans For Survivor Series

11.09.17 7 months ago 4 Comments


Roman Reigns is ready to return to the WWE ring after missing about three weeks of action due to a bad case of the mumps. The first word of Reigns being sick happened just a few days before the WWE Raw brand had the TLC pay-per-view where Reigns was supposed to team with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Reigns was replaced by Kurt Angle at TLC, and Reigns hasn’t been seen since. Reigns was removed from the European tour, with Triple H taking his place in tag matches. Angle and Samoa Joe have also teamed with Rollins and Ambrose at live events while Reigns has been away.

This past week on Raw, when Rollins and Ambrose made their entrance towards the ring, a small graphic was shown letting fans know that Reigns would be back for next week’s Raw in Atlanta. It was surprising that WWE didn’t make a bigger deal of it.

In an update on Reigns’ return, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that sources within WWE have confirmed that Reigns has been cleared to return to the ring.

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