John Cena Agrees That WWE Is Roman Reigns’ Yard Now

05.17.17 10 months ago 16 Comments

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When Roman Reigns and The Undertaker met in the main event of WrestleMania 33, there was a lot at stake. Yes, it ended up being Undertaker’s last match (we think), but more significant than that: the wager of the match was the deed to the yard of WWE. Previously under the ownership of Undertaker for well over a decade, the yard now has a Big Dogs logo planted firmly in the middle of it. It’s Roman Reigns’ yard now, and woe be to the foolish child whose ball winds up there.

There has been much grousing from WWE fans, because a lot of them don’t like Roman Reigns and don’t think he should be entitled to a yard. They want the deed for the yard to pass to Cesaro, or Finn Bálor, or maybe even Kevin Owens. Why should the pretty guy who wins all the time get to have a nice big yard, too?

You might think a guy like John Cena would take objection to the yard being in Reigns’ possession. After all, Cena has been the guy for years and years and years now. Maybe he gets a say as to whose yard it is? Well, luckily for Reigns, Cena has no objection to Reigns’ current status as yard-owner. He explained during an interview with Sports Illustrated:

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