Watch Comedian Ron Funches Explain Why It’s Okay That Pro Wrestling Is ‘Fake’

Earlier this month, comedian Ron Funches stopped by Comedy Central’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail with a commentary on why he loves pro wrestling, and his message to people who remind him it’s “fake.” You may enjoy this or anything else Ron Funches says, because his voice is a beautiful white noise machine intended to lull you into a state of comfort.

Anyway, for any wrestling purists out there looking to take down a guy’s comedy bit, keep in mind that while, yes, Jake “The Snake” Roberts usually just let his bag-snake crawl around on people, it did occasionally bite. Jake’s attack on Macho Man Randy Savage is the most famous example. As for the part about snakes not working on The Undertaker because he doesn’t have blood, the only person snakes don’t work on is actually Jake, as seen in that Halloween Havoc ’92 match against Sting where he’s supposed to get bitten in the face by a cobra, but doesn’t, and has to hold it up to his face and act all scared like he’s being bitten anyway.

So, yeah, there’s your totally unnecessary analysis of a pro wrestling comedy bit. It still beats YouTube comment arguments about why these hipsters in the crowd are laughing so much.