Cris Cyborg Has Her Own Storyline For Why She And Ronda Rousey Should Fight At WrestleMania

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UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is a killer. She’s gone to a decision only twice in her career, back in the days when women’s MMA was bound to three-minute rounds. Since coming to the mainstream fight promotions in 2008, she’s mauled everyone in her path, but not Ronda Rousey. The two have traded barbs for years, and even nearly came to blows in the UFC’s Octagon before Rousey backed out of any potential fight negotiations, citing Cyborg’s failed drug tests.

But as Cyborg gears up for her first, and the UFC’s first women’s featherweight title defense against Rousey-killer Holly Holm, the subject has bubbled up once again — Cyborg wants Rousey. Except for this time, it’s not in the cage, it’s at WrestleMania in a WWE ring.

She’s giving her old foe props on a potential career change: “I think Ronda Rousey in the WWE would be an amazing thing. I just recently attended my first WWE event live when RAW was in [Los Angeles] filming and I absolutely loved the experience.”

Continuing her interview with Damon Martin for FloCombat, Cyborg laid out the premise of her matchup with Rousey:

“Could the Brazilian Vale Tudo Fighter beat the American shoot fighting champion? That seems like a pretty natural storyline to a WrestleMania if you ask me. I know 70,000 fans who would still be willing to pack a stadium to see Cyborg vs. Rousey even if it took place in a three-rope ring instead of a cage.”

The only thing is that at the time, when their feud had the most heat, they were the two best female fighters in the world. Cyborg continues to dominate, but would any fight fan want to see these two work a match together considering they have little pro wrestling training and the whole thing could easily devolve into a shoot at any moment?

Wait, that sounds amazing.

(Via FloCombat)