Ronda Rousey Nearly Lost A Finger Filming ‘9-1-1’ And Shared The Gruesome Photo

Ronda Rousey on YouTube

If the headline wasn’t enough, let me say right here at the top that there’s a very gross photo of Ronda Rousey’s nearly-severed finger at the end of this story, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Ronda’s no stranger to injury, of course. Most recently, she broke her hand in the main event of WrestleMania, which required surgery that at least cemented her already-planned time off from WWE after dropping the Raw Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch. Since then she’s been spending time with her husband on their farm, possibly trying to start a family, and making content for her YouTube channel, like this extremely funny movie trailer parody. There was talk of her possibly making a surprise return at SummerSlam, but it looks now like that was never in the cards, and Sasha Banks was clearly the big surprise of the weekend.
That doesn’t mean Ronda’s staying away from television entirely, however. She’s recently been filming a guest spot for the drama series 9-1-1, in which she plays a firefighter, and that’s where she suffered this most recent injury. As explained by Ronda herself, the door of a boat fell on her hand during a scene, and she knew she was in pain but finished the take. Once there was a moment’s break she actually looked at her hand and realized how bad the injury was. The bone of her middle finger was broken and the flesh was torn, so the finger was basically hanging off. An ambulance rushed her to the hospital, where they reattached everything, and she says she’s already gotten some motion back.

We don’t know whether this will affect her return to wrestling, because we have no idea if she was planning a return soon enough for this injury to be a factor. Either way, it seems doubtful we’ll see her in a WWE ring for the next few months at least.

One more time, this photo of Ronday Rousey’s finger is pretty fucked up.