Ronda Rousey Went To A Wrestling Show This Weekend And Got In Some Chops

The wrestling fandom of a celebrity can be kind of tough to gauge, considering that so many of them are mostly nostalgic fans that can’t stop talking about how much more exciting things were when Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was hanging around. Every once in a while, however, we find a celebrity fan that genuinely keeps up with modern wrestling, even on the independent level.  When those worlds collide, it’s pretty magical.  That said, you’ll probably understand why UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and honest-to-god Judo Khaleesi “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey showing up for Pro Wrestling Guerilla on Friday night made my heart soar.

For those who aren’t up to speed, PWG has pretty much become the premier West Coast indy over its 11-year lifespan.  As such, it’s attracted some pretty high-profile SoCal guests over the years – Community star Gillian Jacobs and Hayley Williams of Paramore have both showed up among the fans, and William Regal attended last year’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament to do some scouting.  Ronda showed up with UFC fighters/training partners Jessamyn Duke and Shayna “Queen of Spades” Baszler… did I mention they’re all in a stable called “The Four Horsewomen?”  Rousey is not kidding around with this whole “I like wrestling” thing.  She is in for the long haul, buddy.

Normally, I’m against people leaving before the main event, but all bets are off when Roderick Strong is one of your headliners.

This just makes my heart happy.  Ronda had a great time, Jessamyn and Shayna both had fun, and PWG co-founder/Commissioner of Food and Beverage/commentator Excalibur got a photo with his new MMA buddies.  Everyone’s happy!  Everyone, that is, except Biff Busick.  Busick was in the opening contest against Tommaso Ciampa, and when things spilled out to the front row, Ciampa called for Ronda to throw a chop…

At some point, Rousey will retire as an undefeated eternal champion, probably right after she registers her first KO via telekinesis. She is more than welcome in the world of wrestling once that day comes, because dang it, she loves wrestling and we love that she loves it so much.