WWE Might Have Tentative Plans For Ronda Rousey’s WrestleMania Match

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01.30.18 13 Comments

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By now, the entire world (and probably large swaths of Venus) knows that Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut at the end of Sunday’s Royal Rumble, and that she is now “full-time” with WWE.

(Of course, she isn’t so “full-time” as to show up on Raw the next evening, but she’s definitely committed to her new life as a pro wrestler, which is something she’s been wanting to do for a very long time.)

Many were left scratching her heads that during her debut, she didn’t talk, or make any specific challenges apart from the traditional (nay, obligatory) point at the WrestleMania sign. There was speculation leading into the Royal Rumble that she would win the women’s Rumble match and/or face Asuka at WrestleMania, which is why Asuka has moved to using the armbar as a finisher in recent months.

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