Ronda Rousey Showed Up At The WWE Mae Young Classic Tapings, So Let The Speculation Begin

The WWE Mae Young Classic will begin taping this weekend as the company’s first ever women’s tournament has finally arrived. All 32 participants were officially named on Thursday ahead of the tapings. Among those competing is former UFC fighter Shayna Baszler, who, aside from having become a talented wrestler, has a very famous friend.

That friend would be Ronda Rousey, the biggest female combat sports star in the world, who dropped by for the first night of tapings and snapped a picture with Triple H.

Rousey is most likely there to support Baszler, but considering there have been incessant rumors that she could be headed to WWE at some point in the future now that her UFC career seems to be over or, at the least, nearing its end, this only adds fuel to the fire. Those in charge at WWE, including Stephanie McMahon, have not been shy about noting their desires to bring Rousey on board, and seeing her paling around with Triple H at the Mae Young Classic will certainly stir the rumor pot even more.

Ever since Rousey made her famous in-ring appearance at Wrestlemania 31 with The Rock — where she slammed Triple H and put Steph in a submission — there have been whispers that at some point Rousey will take her talents to WWE. Those only grew recently when she went on a following spree of WWE superstars on Twitter, and at this point no one would be surprised if she popped up at SummerSlam in August.