WWE Was Apparently Just Kidding About Ronda Rousey’s Schedule

03.14.18 11 months ago 7 Comments


WWE’s latest high-profile acquisition, Ronda Rousey, was slated to appear on the flagship show every week until WrestleMania. There was an announcement about it and everything!

Given the nature of guys like Brock Lesnar, this was actually news. With her match for the biggest show of the year finally set in stone and her signing landing WWE in a plethora of news outlets, this all made sense. Put the mega-star on television as much as possible.

An article appeared on WWE.com announcing Rousey would be around every week until Mania, and the WWE Universe, I assumed, marked their calendars. Monday Night Raw in March and April is already appointment viewing for fans of the product, and the Rowdy Ronda news made it even more so. Especially in contrast to Lesnar being announced and advertised for Raw and then … not being there.

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