WWE Superstar And Total Divas Legend Rosa Mendes Has Announced Her Retirement


Superstar Rosa Mendes has officially retired from WWE. Mendes made the announcement Monday afternoon via Instagram, saying:

Today is Jordan’s first birthday and it’s also the day that I am announcing my retirement from the WWE. As I write these words I have tears in my eyes because of the love I have for my WWE family, and especially for the WWE universe. For the last 10 years, WWE was my life, my world and my family. I was Rosa Mendes. Now I am Milena Roucka, Jordan’s mother, a soon to be wife and a hard working entrepreneur.

For years I have been fortunate to put smiles on people’s faces worldwide, performed for hundreds of thousands of fans and lived off of the adrenaline from the WWE audience.

Mendes first got her start with WWE as part of the 2006 Diva Search, where she managed to crack the top 8 before being eliminated. After signing a developmental contract, she took on various roles, including managing Primo and Epico during their feud with Hornswoggle, Natalya, and Great Khali (yup, that’s still a real thing that happened), and a brief stint as Fandango’s dance partner.

While she may not be remembered as a legendary in-ring talent, her tenure on Total Divas gave us some of the best moments in the show’s history, such as the time she didn’t understand how friendship works and tried to kiss an extremely befuddled Paige, and this gem that will forever live in Total Divas infamy:

Truthfully, those screams of agony are probably less about waxing and more about spending an extended amount of time in Buffalo.

Mendes will go on to manage her Totally Fit Mama business endeavour, that creates healthy meal plans and recipes for fitness-conscious mothers.

Adios, nuestra amiga, and thanks for the memories.