See The Shocking Ending To The WWE Universal Championship Match At Royal Rumble

The feud between WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and challenger Roman Reigns has been a staple of WWE programming for the past few months. But tonight, the two clashed for what is hopefully the last time, meeting at the Royal Rumble in a no-disqualification match with the added stipulation of Owens’ running buddy Chris Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage.

The match was full of innovative spots, including Kevin Owens breaking out a Stone Cold by-god Stunner on Reigns, only earning him a two-count.

Owens also took a nasty fall through a pyramid of steel chairs, courtesy of Reigns:

In the end, Jericho ended up not being much of a factor in the match’s finish after all, when the monster Braun Strowman came down to ringside and decimated Reigns, first attempting to chokeslam him through an announce table and then sending him through a table propped up in the ring via running powerslam. Owens, who had been powerbombed through an announce table by Reigns only minutes earlier, rolled in to make the pin, retaining the Universal Championship.

Owens will find out who his potential WrestleMania opponent may be later tonight when the Royal Rumble match itself wraps up. However, it looks like Roman and Strowman may be on a collision course for a Mania match of their own.