Rusev Says His Angle With Lana And Bobby Lashley Is The ‘Best Storyline Currently Going On’ In WWE

On Raw, Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley have been involved in one of the most insane, soap opera-esque WWE storylines in some time – at least since the last Rusev-Lana cheating angle (the one with Aiden English.) What started as Rusev being brought up as a possible father of Maria Kanellis’s baby turned into Lashley making out with the Bulgarian Brute’s wife in front of him, Rusev and Lashley fighting in a fancy restaurant, Rusev being outed as a sex addict, and, as of this week, Lana claiming Rusev had knocked her up, which turned out to be a lie to lead to Lashley beating him up. All in all, it’s some trash TV that’s getting a lot of views on YouTube and it’s hard to get a sense of if or when it will lead to a wrestling match.

The Rusev character is further humiliated with every new development in this storyline and seems pretty distraught, but the performer was very positive about it when speaking to UK tabloid The Sun. He said the angle is “a collaboration” and that he thinks it’s the best and hottest thing going in WWE right now.

In Rusev’s words:

“I think we are in the best storyline currently going on and the best storyline that’s been around for years. It’s getting a lot of views and a lot of eyes on it. Some people like it, some people love it, but at the end of the day, it’s the hottest storyline going on.”

He also spoke positively about his WWE career, accepting that it has had ups and downs:

“My goal is to be healthy, that’s my first-and-foremost. It doesn’t matter about storylines or things like that. One day you ride a tank but the next day, you do nothing but main event dark matches so it’s a big wave, you just gotta ride the wave and do the best with anything that is given to you. You gotta enjoy everything you do, and you gotta control what you can control because some things you can’t, and there’s no point being mad so whatever I can control, I do, and if not, I’m just having a blast with it.”

In this interview, Rusev also reveals that he’s started taking Japanese lessons, so maybe that’s a hint that he might leave WWE and do a tour in Japan and have a bunch of wrestling matches. Maybe at some point, he won’t basically recite the Serenity Prayer when talking about his career. For now, he is being very professional while talking about this angle.