‘Russell Madness’ Is The Air Bud Pro Wrestling Movie You’ve Always Never Wanted

There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a dog CAN’T be the star of your wrestling promotion!

From the creators of the Air Bud and Air Buddies franchises comes Russell Madness, to be forever known as the “Air Bud wrestling movie.” Without doing any research whatsoever I 100% assume they wanted to call it RussellMania, but WWE found out and went “nooooooope.”

Anyway, it’s a movie about a dog who becomes a big star in a wrestling promotion but gets CHEATED in the BIG MATCH, leading to an ALL OR NOTHING GAMBLE where he has to save his wrestling career AND something something family. Also, Cliff from ‘Cheers’ plays Vince McMahon. ALSO, the dog has a MONKEY MANAGER.

The big rivalry is Russell vs. “The Hammer,” played by former WWE and current Lucha Underground star John Morrison/Johnny Mundo. I guess the doors of Dario Cueto’s temple really are open to everyone. Here is Mundo killing a pet dog with Starship Pain.

Also, Russell battles WCW Superstar THE YET-AY.

Let’s see how HE likes being humped!

Please watch this trailer and share it with everyone you’ve ever met. Somebody get me into the premiere.