Ryback And Colt Cabana Will Face Off In A CM Punk-Themed Match

Ryback and CM Punk very, very famously have a long-running real-life feud that filled with bad blood. If you believe everything you read, anyway. It’s clear that the two are far from best pals, but Ryback has had positive things to say about Punk as of late.

Another wrestler who has a long and at-times complicated relationship with Punk is Colt Cabana, Punk’s possibly-former-but-probably-still-current IRL best friend. Rumors swirled last year that Cabana and Punk were on the outs after Cabana palled around with some WWE employees after he and Punk got sued by WWE’s doctor. It’s all hearsay, which is why it’s on the internet!

The point is that Ryback and Cabana are both people Punk has been said to be on the outs with. And now that Ryback is on the indies, it’s about high time someone made some money off this cheeky connection.
Well, whoever is booking Wrestle Pro in Rahway, New Jersey, is a goddamn genius, because not only has he booked Ryback and Cabana in a match against each other, said match will involve a one-of-a-kind stipulation. And it’s just way too good.

Yes, a CM Punk action figure on a pole match. Whoever can successfully scale the pole and retrieve a miniature plastic version of everyone’s favorite MMA fighter will emerge victorious. More than anything else, this really just proves what a good sense of humor both men have about rumors, rumblings, internet beefs (beeves?) and snarky dumbness. Good for them.

Bonus points if there’s a last-minute gimmick adjustment and CM Punk actually volunteers to put himself on the pole. He’s probably going to be free that day; they may as well ask him.