Ryback Thinks Enzo Amore’s Move To 205 Live Might Be Another Punishment

Ryback isn’t shy about voicing his opinion on his podcast. As a featured performer in WWE for most of the past decade, “The Big Guy” gives fans an insight into the inner workings of WWE. Sometimes he talks about things that he probably shouldn’t voice his opinion about, but the good thing about him is that he doesn’t care what people think. Ryback appears to be happy now that he’s out of WWE, so with no reason to hold back his opinions, he offers up his take on anything that happens.

One of the topics as of late that seems to be on everyone’s mind (or at least on their lips) is Enzo Amore. The guy seemingly just can’t stop getting into hot water backstage, and it’s been pretty clearly translating to how his character has been treated on television.

On recent episode of his podcast, Ryback talked about how Amore has moved from being a Raw regular to a featured performer on 205 Live. Ryback believes that Enzo was put on 205 Live as a punishment because it puts Enzo on the road five days a week, rather than four days, which was his schedule before moving to 205 Live on Tuesday nights.

Here’s how Ryback explained it on his podcast and a thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcript.

“He’s on 205 Live and I think that’s a good little boost for that maybe and the hardcore people that tune into the [WWE] Network to watch it. But I guess they could still use him on RAW though. They do that with a lot of the little, small circle of guys on that show, right? Like Neville

By the way, it could be punishment to him, by putting him on that and the fact that it keeps him on the road now for five f–king days a week instead of going four where he gets to go home after RAW, where he now has to go to SmackDown. I’m telling you this right now, and everybody that is up there [in WWE] knows that five day a week f–king sucks. The four-days, it’s doable. Five, you want to shoot your f–king brains out because you’re never home. You’re home a day-and-a-half at most.”

It’s a good point by Ryback. Enzo is away from home longer than he would be if he was just on the Raw roster. The current travel schedule for Enzo in a normal week would be live events on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Raw on Monday and then going to Smackdown on Tuesday for 205 Live. Prior to the 205 Live move, it was just four days per week.

The other side of the argument is what Miz said on Raw when he destroyed Enzo. There really isn’t anything else for Enzo to do right now, so putting him on 205 Live makes sense because at least Enzo gets more of a reaction than most guys on that show.

Considering Enzo is facing Neville for the Cruiserweight Title at No Mercy on September 24, it’s hard to say that Enzo is being punished too much. If he disappeared from television it would be more of a punishment.