Former WWE Star Ryback Has A New Name, Sort Of, And His First Indie Dates

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08.10.16 13 Comments


Back in May, former Intercontinental Champion and 5-time Slammy Award winner Ryback was sent home and removed from WWE TV, which he occasionally explained in the most confusing ways possible. He wasn’t taken in the WWE Draft, had his merchandise moved to the “sale” section of WWE Shop, and a few days ago finally, mercifully announced that he was officially cutting ties with the company.

What that means now is a debut on the independent circuit, and a new name. Sort of. “Sort of” to both things.

Per the artist formerly known as Ryback’s Twitter, his new name is just The Big Guy, and while he’s making appearances at Maryland Championship Wrestling’s November 5 show, he’s also available for man vs. food challenges. Wait, what?

This will be The Big Guy’s first true independent wrestling appearance, as he got into the business via a video audition for the $1,000,000 Tough Enough back in 2004 — the same Tough Enough that gave us The Miz — and reported straight to WWE developmental.

It’s going to take some getting used to the name. We wish more people went the Justin Gabriel route and gave themselves entirely new names. “The Darewolf” PJ Black at least sounds like you’re trying, and is way better than “Former WWE star GABRIEL.” Maybe split the difference and call yourself GUYBACK?

For more on the subject of Large Guys, here are highlights from TBG’s Periscope Q&A. He answers questions about CM Punk, drops a wonderful amount of F-bombs and explains why there’s “more to life than fake punches and kicks.”

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