Ryback Was Reportedly Sent Home And Is Off WWE TV

One day after Ryback had one of the best matches of his career during the WWE Payback preshow against Kalisto, a report from PWInsider claims that The Big Guy is going to be off of WWE TV for a little. This, per PWInsider, is because Ryback asked to be taken off of television.

The rumor indicates that Ryback’s little hiatus has to do with the state of his contract negotiations with WWE. His contract is up sometime later this year, and the two sides have had some issues trying to find middle ground.

The word making the rounds, according to multiple sources, is that Ryback was sent home and will be, as of this writing, off TV indefinitely. One version of the story is that Ryback himself asked to be pulled from TV.

Ryack’s contract with the company expires this summer and the two sides have been, according to several sources, at odds over negotiations for a new contract.

Per usual with Internet wrestling rumors, this comes with the disclaimer to end all disclaimers that this is just a rumor. But this would make some amount of sense as Ryback was supposed to participate in the battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the U.S. Title but was noticeably absent. I won’t pretend to know anything about how contract negotiations work, but hopefully WWE and Ryback can come to some kind of agreement so he can come back and do avalanche military presses every week.