Ryback Announces He Has Officially Parted Ways With WWE


Well, it’s official: The Era of the Big Guy has come to an end. Ryan “Ryback” Reeves took to his Instagram account today to announce that he and WWE have parted ways.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The Big Guy, Ryback, would like to wish the WWE the best in their future endeavors. From this point forward, myself and the WWE will no longer be conducting business together. I would like to personally say thank you to all the WWE performers whom I’ve had the pleasure of being in the ring with.”

Throughout his decade-plus career with WWE and its developmental territories, Ryback held the Intercontinental Championship once, the OVW Heavyweight Championship once, and won five Slammy Awards. He was also one of the original members of the Nexus under the name Skip Sheffield.

His career was marred by injuries, most recently a knee injury in 2015, and his relationship with the company took a turn for the worse this past May when he requested to be taken off TV and sent home while in the midst of contract re-negotiations. He then went in hard on WWE via a lengthy blog post, saying he was unhappy with the way people were financially compensated within the company.

Ryback’s contract was slated to expire Aug. 8, but judging by his video remarks, it appears to have been dissolved early. However, Ryback promises that on Aug. 8, his new website, FeedMeMore.com, will launch, along with his Feed Me More clothing line. He also indicates his line of Feed Me More nutritional supplements (as well as a book) will be coming out soon, and that he plans on wrestling “a full schedule” on the independent circuit.

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