Take A Look At Ryback’s Horrifying Staph Infection, And Hope You Never Get One

How we feel right now.


How we feel right now.

Back in July, Intercontinental Champion Ryback was forced to miss Battleground due to a leg injury. That injury turned out to be a severe staph infection, which he’s described as “literally the worst pain I have ever experienced without being injured.”

The IC Champ shared a picture of the infection on Instagram, and good lord. I wouldn’t wish a staph infection like this on my worst enemy.



It looks like ginger root.

Knowing that WWE treats staph infections as serious business now, the future of the Intercontinental Championship is up in the air. With an infection this severe, you can’t imagine Ryback will be back in a WWE ring anytime soon, much less defending a championship, much less a cursed championship. If he’s not back by SummerSlam, does WWE pull the trigger and put the belt on someone else? Maybe another title tournament, or a battle royal to name a new champion? Maybe they can unify it with the United States Championship and have them be injured together. Do they just keep the belt on him and hope nobody notices?

Regardless, we wish The Ryback a speedy recovery.