Add Ryback To The List Of People Who Think WrestleMania Will Have A Women’s Main Event One Day

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10.04.17 3 Comments

Regardless of the trope of the often-derided “Women’s Revolution” in WWE, there’s no denying that it has been a watershed last few years for women’s wrestling. Beyond the universal acclaim generated by women’s wrestling around the world in places like Japan’s Stardom and national independents like SHIMMER and SHINE, WWE has also done its part to turn around the public’s conception of what women’s wrestling entails.

The recent culmination of WWE’s attempts to reeducate its fans was the Mae Young Classic, which had plenty to love, and about which executives like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had plenty to say.

And for the past couple of years — dating back to Sasha Banks and Bayley main eventing an NXT TakeOver, and Banks and Charlotte Flair main eventing an actual WWE pay-per-view — both WWE Superstars and higher-ups have been talking about the possibility that the women might one day be the actual main event at WrestleMania. All of WWE’s Four Horsewomen have at one point or another talked about their dreams and desires that it will happen at some point, and are confident they can all successfully work toward pushing that envelope.

The latest person to believe this is going to happen someday is none other than Ryback, who recently had this to say:

“[WWE will] do it, 100 percent. Not necessarily saying [Bayley and Sasha Banks], those two girls, but they will do it for the P.R., 100 percent. Just think about it, that when they do that, all of the attention that that gets them on doing a female main event. UFC does female main events all the time now, so it’s not even shocking to me anymore. But when it happens, it will be the first time for wrestling, at WrestleMania, and it will be a big moment.

“That’s the whole point of life: you evolve and move on. It’s a whole different question to say ‘should that match go on last?’ But ultimately, does it even matter anymore? People are buying it, there’s no limits on the matches anymore, essentially, so you might watch the match before go 45 minutes and have the match of the night, and then they go out there and do 20 [to] 25 [minutes], but they’re the main event. They might kill it and deliver, and they always do, so it will happen. One way or another, it will eventually.”

What do you think? Will the Big Guy eventually be proven right? It wouldn’t be the craziest thing that ever happened. And as long as whatever match we’re talking about doesn’t involve maggots projected into the ring, everybody wins.

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