Ryback Doesn’t Understand WWE’s India Push Because ‘They Don’t Have Any F*cking Money’

Contributing Writer
05.22.17 13 Comments

On Sunday night, Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion, to the complete shock of the vast majority of pro wrestling fans. It was rumored that this might be a possibility in the weeks leading up to the title change, and it has also been rumored that one of the reasons behind Mahal’s heightened profile is WWE’s new focus and initiative into making big strides into the Indian market.

On the latest episode of his Conversation With the Big Guy podcast, Ryback shared his puzzlement about why WWE would try to break into India in such a big way, because he doesn’t believe there’s any money to be had in that market.

He had no problems with Mahal challenging for the WWE title and has faith WWE will find a way to make money off his new main event heel status, but the appeal to India just doesn’t make sense to The Big Guy.

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