Ryback’s Thank You Message From The Hospital Is The New ‘David After Dentist’

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.28.14 43 Comments


Ryback is taking some time away from WWE, and the reason why is different depending on who you’re talking to. Some say he’s frustrated with creative and needs a break. Some say he’s quitting. Some say he’s injured and needs time off for surgery.

Today, Ryback posted a “thank you” video from a hospital bed, and … nope, we still don’t know what the hell’s going on with him. In a wonderful, delirious promo that echoes the great Internet video tentpole ‘David After Dentist,’, The Big Guy:

– refers to himself as a “four-time WWE Champion,” which is only true if you count Slammy Awards as WWE Championship title reigns
– explains how much he loves hooking up with mothers
– recounts a conversation he had with Babe Ruth, who has been dead for almost 70 years
– possibly dies (?) trying to say his catchphrase

It’s delightful and confusing, and the only way it would’ve been better is if Curtis Axel had been bedridden beside him.

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