Sabu Thinks Paul Heyman And Vince McMahon’s Genius Comes From Being ‘F*cked In The Head’

Sabu is probably on the shortlist of pro wrestlers who have truly “done it all.” He’s traveled the world, wrestled for every major company you can name, and is regarded by any wrestling fan who’s aware of him as a true innovator and legend. As such, he’s interacted with pretty much anyone you can think of in the wrestling business over the past 30 years. And of course, he’s worked closely with both Vince McMahon and of course, the man perhaps most responsible for his notoriety, Paul Heyman.

Sabu spoke with Sports Illustrated and was asked how the minds between WWE and ECW differ.

“Paul had his vision and I had mine. He didn’t really touch what I did, but his vision and mine were totally different. Mine was violence and his was violence, but his was also sex and violence and gross stuff, stuff out of the realm of wrestling. I was fighting for a championship, not fighting because someone got pregnant. Me and Vince got along. He was very hands-on, more hands-on than I’d like him to be. I thought he hired me to do my job, not hire me to show me how to do my job. He’s a very hands-on guy at everything, so hands-on that it’s a pain in the ass. He’s brilliant, and so is Paul Heyman. When you’re that brilliant, you’ve got to be f—ed in the head.”

And in case you thought Sabu might be getting soft or have less of an edge at this point in his career, when he was asked about the WWE Hall of Fame, he said, “It’s such a fake Hall of Fame. I’d only do it because I need the money.”

God bless Sabu. Long may he wave.