Trump Aide Sam Nunberg’s Relationship With The President Got Its Start Way Back At WrestleMania V

Most people likely had no idea who Sam Nunberg was before Monday — at least they didn’t unless they followed politics closely. Nunberg is a former Trump aide who has a connection for Roger Stone and was fired from the campaign after “racially charged” social media posts of his surfaced in Summer of 2015. He has been a contributor over at MSNBC since, but he truly made his mark with his media blitz on Monday after being subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

His wild parade of appearances on cable news, ping-ponging between CNN and MSNBC, could indeed turn out to be a Roger Stone trick in the end, but for now, it is the type of drama you might see on WWE. That’s fitting because Nunberg actually started his relationship with Donald Trump way back at WrestleMania V, appearing on camera with his father doing the Bushwhacker march after Trump moved the pair to the front row at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.


It was a moment that Nunberg credited with helping him look up to Trump, recounting the story to Channel 4 above and to New York Magazine back in 2016. Nunberg even credited Trump’s relationship with WWE and his love of wrestling as one of the driving forces behind his campaign according to Politico:

WWE promotes Trump on its website, and its stock price has risen about 11 percent since Election Day. “In November 2016, Trump culminated his campaign against key contender Hillary Clinton and was elected into office as the 45th President of the United States — the first time in history a WWE Hall of Famer would ever hold the distinguishing title of U.S. Commander-in-Chief,” the website reads.

“I would say to him, we’re going to be the WWE of the primary with the smash-mouth adrenaline pumping,” said Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide who met Trump for the first time at a wrestling match. “He loved the sensationalism, the drama, the fantasy. There are a lot of similarities between Vince McMahon and Trump.”

Nunberg’s media meltdown covered most of those bases today and might’ve made Trump proud had he not called him an idiot to Jake Tapper on CNN.

This also provides an excuse to look back at Trump during that same period, before he was president and was still known as a success for his business ventures. He’s honestly not much different than the guy we have now, which is probably not good.

(Via Twitter / Politico)