Sami Zayn May Have Injured His Rotator Cuff During His Raw Ring Entrance

The situation with Sami Zayn has been confusing to say the least. Zayn showed up on Raw as a surprise challenger for John Cena’s U.S. title, but almost as soon as the match started, the ref threw up the dreaded “X,” and Sami was selling his arm for the rest of the match. reported that Zayn was legitimately hurt, but the injury played so well into the match, there was some suspicion that the whole thing was a work.

Unfortunately, it seems like the situation is all too real. While WWE hasn’t released an official update yet, numerous sources, including PWInsider, are reporting word inside the company is that Zayn suffered a rotator cuff injury of some kind. Possibly a full rotator cuff tear. Zayn had already taken some time off in March and April for shoulder issues, so he may have re-aggravated or worsened an existing injury.

So, when exactly did Sami get injured? There was no obvious moment in the match. It appears as if he may have injured himself hyping up the crowd before the bout. In the below video, you can see him throwing his arms up, then immediately favoring his shoulder…

Injuring yourself during your entrance is a tad embarassing, but Zayn isn’t the first guy to hurt himself with over-exuberant theatrics. Randy Orton famously dislocated his shoulder doing his pre-RKO viper taunt once. Have you guys never played a wrestling game? The taunts are supposed to increase your health. Take it easy.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops. Best of luck, Sami.

via PWInsider