Samoa Joe Doesn’t Have Any Problem With Brock Lesnar’s Part-Time WWE Schedule

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09.11.17 3 Comments

Ever since Brock Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012, he’s been used as a special attraction, wrestling a handful of dates every year and appearing on a fraction of the weekly television programs. And he doesn’t really do the live event stuff, unless it’s a special one-off deal or another. This all helps add to the mystique and allure of Lesnar the pro wrestler, as you know it’s at least kind of a big deal every time he shows up. And you never really know when he might just decide to pop up over in the UFC again.

There are a lot of fans, and a select few wrestlers and other people in the business (outside of WWE, of course) who take issue with Lesnar’s status as a part timer, especially during the periods of time, like right now, when he holds the top singles championship in the company. The majority of the TV shows and the pay-per-views with Brock as champ don’t actually feature the champ, and for a lot of people, that’s a real problem.

One person who doesn’t have an issue with it is one of Lesnar’s most recent challengers, Samoa Joe. Joe has been in the business for a long time, and you’d think that he has a pretty solid take on various states of affairs within WWE.

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