Former WWE Superstar Santino Was ‘Shocked’ By His Recent Release

Though most would say the recent future endeavoring of the Brooklyn Brawler was the most surprising of the recent WWE releases, that definitely wasn’t the case for former WWE Superstar Santino Marella. Though he technically retired from in-ring competition following an injury in 2014, and his contract expired on April 30 of this year, Santino was apparently in talks to return in a non-wrestling capacity:

Yeah, I guess I was shocked, because there was always talk about when I come back I was gonna take a non-physical role, like maybe there was a little chatter about being a GM and I even suggested perhaps a manager if anybody needed one. But yeah, I guess they changed their mind.

Santino went on to tell Another Wrestling Podcast that though he was taken aback when WWE chose to part ways with him, it could end up being a good thing:

It’s interesting, it’s a strange phenomenon you know. A little bit of “wow, it’s over” and then like “wow, that was awesome” you know “what’s gonna be next” worried and then this sense of kind of freedom and just this weight, because, you know you commit. And you’re a part of the team and you’re… I don’t want to say the own you, but they kind of own you. There’s certain opportunities you’ll have to let go cause you’re with them, so now I don’t have those obstacles any more.

Santino currently runs Battle Arts Academy in his hometown of Mississuaga, Ontario.

h/t our friends at Cageside Seats