Get Your Wrestling Week Back On Track With Sasha Banks And Big E Riding Around On A Scooter

08.31.15 3 years ago 17 Comments

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We write a lot of different kinds of stories here at With Spandex. Most are meant to keep you abreast of the latest breaking news or rumors, and sometimes can be pretty dark and/or disturbing. On the other hand, some stories just exist because we want our readers to be happy and, dammit, this is something you need to see. This story definitely falls into the later category.

Sasha Banks and The New Day are some of most inspiring, entertaining performers in WWE today separately, but what if they were to join forces? That would be pretty amazing. Now, what if this team-up included them cruising around on Segway-like scooters? I’m not sure any of us are ready for that much amazing, but, nevertheless, here’s Sasha Banks and Big E riding a scooter while joyously shouting “Booty!”

Ah, but we’re not done yet. Here’s Sasha practicing her WrestleMania entrance while Big E and Xavier Woods (who’s also on a scooter) run security.


Sadly, that’s the end of the scooter videos, but, honestly, those two were enough to fill my adorableness quota for today. If WWE wants to kill me for good, they need to have Sasha and The New Day flanking each other to the ring on four separate scooters on Raw. I’m willing the make the sacrifice for the greater good.

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