The Latest On Whether Sasha Banks Is Cleared For Elimination Chamber


On Monday Night Raw this week, Sasha Banks was thrown out of the ring and into the barrier, causing her to be removed from a triple threat team match and leaving Bayley on her own to represent the Boss ‘n Hug Connection. Although that was obviously a storyline, there had already been talk since her match against Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble that Sasha might not be cleared to compete, so it was easy to wonder if WWE was just finding an onscreen reason to take her out of this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match to crown the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE followed up on this by posting their own news report that Sasha “re-aggravated a shoulder injury” and promising further updates on her status. There’s also a backstage video in which Charly Caruso raises the possibility of Sasha being too injured to compete on Sunday, and Bayley insists that Sasha will compete no matter what, and they’ll win the titles.

Fortunately for everyone who wants that to happen, Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer reports that Sasha is in face already cleared to wrestle at Elimination Chamber, which means that, unsurprisingly, all of WWE’s hints she might not be are just an attempt to get fans that much more invested in an underdog babyface storyline. If there was more time left before the PPV, they’d probably have Sasha punch a McMahon and get suspended too.

UPDATE: WWE has now tweeted that Sasha is officially cleared for the match, so I guess the work is over!