Sasha Banks Explains Why She Was Off WWE TV

As Sasha Banks spent months off of TV and mostly off the WWE grid following WrestleMania 35, there were reports and rumors the Boss tried to quit the company and she posted a lot of cryptic things on social media. Shortly after she was challenged by Becky Lynch though,
it became clear that Banks wasn’t done with WWE after all when she made a successful return as a heel with blue hair.

Now Banks has a Raw Women’s Championship match coming up on Sunday, which she promoted in an interview with The Mac Attack podcast of North Carolina’s WFNZ sports radio station. During the interview, she was also asked “how important was that time off” and what she spent it doing. Banks replied:

I’m been doing this for seven years straight, no breaks. People need to step back and reevaluate their lives, take care of their souls and their minds, and I’m back and I’m better than ever, and I got myself a championship match on Sunday, so I think I did quite well for myself, right?

With everything we know about the rigors of the WWE schedule and everything we hear about the process of their main roster TV getting put together and put on the air, that’s a credible, publicity-friendly answer from one of their high-profile stars. If Banks decides to share more about her time off in the future, hopefully, she includes what it was like to go through Sendai Girls training along with the details of the backstage drama.