Sasha Banks Reportedly Met With Vince McMahon Last Week


The Sasha Banks saga continues. Banks hasn’t been seen in WWE since WrestleMania, although she was recently spotted doing some work for their WWE 2K20 video game. She apparently wasn’t thrilled that after she and Bayley had put so much of themselves into building up the idea of WWE Women’s Tag Team titles, they were quickly booked to drop those titles to the IIconics, and were then going to be split up. After we all spent a couple of days wondering what was going on, it was reported that she’d actualy tried to quit the company at Mania. Bayley has since won the Women’s MITB Ladder Match and cashed in to become Smackdown Women’s Champion, while Sasha has mostly been seen posting things for her fans to interpret on social media.

Now Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Banks met personally with Vince McMahon on May 23, and that relations between them seem to have improved. Although he doesn’t claim that anything’s official, Meltzer predicts that she could return to WWE sometime this summer. As always, it’s hard to guess exactly where Dave’s inside sources stop and where his speculation begins, but after hearing so many stories about how well meeting with Vince worked out for Jon Moxley, I’ll believe things have gotten better for Sasha when she’s back on TV, getting time and winning matches.