Scarlett Bordeaux Addressed Sexiness In Wrestling And Her Plans In Impact

Impact Wrestling

If you’ve been reading my recaps of Impact Wrestling, you know that I have mixed feelings about Scarlett Bordeaux. Her mix of questionable character motivation, overt sexuality, and not having any actual matches has led me to theorize that she might be the Devil, and eventually to give up on that idea and just get kind of mad about her. So I was interested to check out her interview with Wrestling Inc‘s podcast WINCLY. She frames the overt sexuality of her character as something she wants to do (which is clearly the case from her work outside Impact) and which she’s grateful Impact is allowing, because that wasn’t always certain:

I think, for a while, there was a lot of limits on everything with women… For a while they were pulling back the sexiness and placing a limit on what you could do. They are kinda loosening that and saying its okay to have a little bit [of sexiness] which is great. I’ve seen a few things the last few weeks which actually makes me really happy. They’re loosening up a little bit on the way they are stopping women being sexy.

I still think the optics of highly sexualized women who don’t wrestle as a part of wrestling TV can be a problem in this day and age, but Scarlett is clearly expressing herself in a way that works for her, and that does make a difference. She also talks to them about her “Talent Search,” and all the videos people sent to her as part of it, which were barely glimpsed on Impact, but which she did check out:

I thought it was kinda funny when people would just send me matches because I want to be entertained. My favorite ones were when anyone would sing to me. I’m a theater major. I’m a Broadway girl, so anytime someone would sing my entrance music, that was probably my absolute favorite thing. Some of my favorite ones we did air. There were a few that were too crazy or inappropriate for TV, but maybe I’ll put those up for my own entertainment so you guys can all see them too.

Of course as it turns out, she chose herself in the talent search, which means she’s going to be getting in the Impact ring soon and competing as part of the Knockouts Division. That will definitely be a step up from how Impact used her in 2018. And she tells WINCLY exactly what her plan is now:

I’m going for the Knockouts Championship. I’m just gonna say that right now.

Watch out, Taya Valkyrie! A Knockout who might be the Devil is coming for you.